Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Braun

Max-Planck-Institute for Heart and Lung Research
Dept. of  Cardiac Development and Remodelling



PhD thesis in the field of muscle (skeletal and heart) aging

We seek enthusiastic, highly motivated people to join our international research group working cell heterogeneity during aging of heart and skeletal muscles. The group focusses on the functions of genes that are either up- or downregulated in subpopulations of muscle stem cells during aging. In the heart, we are investigating the impact of age-related chromatin changes in cardiomyocytes for differential gene expression in aged hearts responding to pathological stimuli. The current project involves the characterization of conditional mouse mutants in different disease models, including functional, histological, transcriptional, and protein biochemical analysis. Experience with animal models and solid knowledge in bioinformatics to analyze single cell RNAseq and ATACseq data is highly appreciated.

Informal inquiries are welcome and should be sent to



Additonal projects in other research areas are available at our department. Read more about our department HERE

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