Annual IMPRS Retreat

Every year, outstanding international experts are invited to attend the retreat. Besides key note lectures given by the experts, their input to scientific discussions during the retreat is a particular feature of our retreat.

IMPRS Retreat 2019

09.-11.October 2019 at Hotelpark Hohenroda, Hessen, Germany Invited Speakers: Prof. Jernej Ule, UCL Institute of Neurology; Prof. Paul Riley, University of Oxford;  Prof. Pipsa Saharinen, University of Helsinki; Prof. Jason Rock, Boston University School of Medicine

Sept 2018: Schlosshotel Weilburg, Germany

Invited Speaker: Prof. Shahin Rafii; Prof. Gilbert Weidinger; Prof. Fiona Wardle; Prof. Caroline Hill

Sept 2017: Ringberg Castle, Bavaria, Germany
Invited speakers: Prof. Barry Stripp; Prof. Christer Betsholtz; Prof. Mathilda Mommersteeg; Prof. Stefan Schulte-Merker; Prof. Christian Mosimann
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