PhD Committee

PhD Committee

Once a year, the PhD committee is elected by the doctoral researchers together with one PhD representative. They represent the interests of all students, support their fellow students and mentor the new students.

The main tasks of the committee are:
- organization of the annual IMPRS retreat
- organization of social events such as gaming nights, pub quiz evenings, Halloween...
- coordination of the JP Morgan Run in Frankfurt

PhD committee 2020/2021

Marga Albu

External PhD Representative
MPI-HLR, Department III

Pinelopi Goumenaki

MPI-HLR, Deptartment III

Fatemeh Khassafi

MPI-HLR, Department IV


Hang Liu

MPI-HLR, Department I


Maximilian Staps

MPI-HLR, Department I


Adriana Vucetic

MPI-HLR, Department II


Sabrina Kurz

MPI-HLR,  Department II

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