IMPRS Career Development Workshops and Seminars

Program 2021

Title: “Editing, Processing and Analysis of Scientific Images” (digital workshop)

Date: 03.-05. May 2021



Title: Giving a memorable presentation”

Date: 19/20.May 2021

Course description:

This workshop aims to help participants present their research with conviction and confidence. Participants are introduced to key techniques in the design and delivery of presentations and will put these techniques into practice by giving a short presentation on their own work. Detailed individual feedback is given throughout the workshop and each participant leaves with their own personal development plan.



Title:Kickstarting your PhD thesis”  (digital workshop)

Date: 14.-18. June 2021

Course description

This workshop helps participants create a clear, detailed structure for their thesis, providing them with a roadmap to help them continue their writing after the workshop. Participants receive tips on how to create an effective structure and learn strategies for improving writing productivity. They also discover key elements that must be included in each section and are given practical tasks centred around crafting key subsections of their thesis.



Title:  Jobhunting (digital workshop, 1 day)

Date: 16.07. 2021

Course description:

Interested in changing from Academia to the private or public sector? Which search channels help you find suitable jobs, and how can you use Social Media in the career changing process? Let`s develop your personal crest together.



Title: Academic writing: How to create good texts (digital workshop, 2 days)

Date:  02 & 03 December 2021

Course Description:

In this workshop the process of academic writing is highlighted from the first idea through the structuring and formation of the text to its completion. The participants engage with the content related, formal and organisational aspects of writing and train their text competency with exercises.

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