Lei Gu, PhD

MPI-HLR and Cardiopulmonary Institute (CPI)

Independent Research Group Leader

Dr.Gu joined MPI-HLR as an independent group leader in April, 2021 and was an instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and the Division of Newborn Medicine at Boston Childrens Hospital. Gu lab is interested in understanding how epigenetic information is inherited from generation to generation, and applying the identified fundamental epigenetic mechanisms to improve health of human being and cure diseases. 


Possible directions are summarized below:

(1) Technique and protocol development and improvement (Nature Protocols, 2013; Bioinformatcis, 2014)

(2) Epigenetic mechanism in cancer research (Nature Genetics, 2015; Nature Communications, 2021)

(3) Mechanisms in transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (Molecular System Biology, 2016; Cell Reports, 2021)

(4) Novel epigenetic modification and enzymes and their functions in different biological settings (Cell, 2015; Cell Research, 2020; Cell Discovery, 2020)


The ideal candidates are expected to be curiosity driven, open minded, collaborative, and have solid theoretical and practical experience in bioinfomatics, and/or biochemistry, and/or mass spectrum, and/or fly genetics, and/or host-microbe interaction.

You can read more about the Gu Laboratory > HERE <

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