IMPRS-MOB Curriculum

Our international and interdisciplinary program offers compulsory and optional courses over the period of three years. During the first two years, the focus is on the acquisition of a strong theoretical background and practical laboratory experience. In the third year, the students concentrate on their individual research project and additonal professional and educational workshops support them in successfully pursuing their PhD.

The core of our scientific educational program comprises 4 lecture blocks, each block consisting of about 10 lectures. The lecture series provides a condensed recapitulation of university knowledge on basic molecular biology as well as on specific fields like the cardiovascular system, metabolism, the pulmonary system and other fields of research of our faculty. In addition, the lecture series gives students from different backgrounds the chance to achieve a level of knowledge that serves as a basis for a successful thesis in life sciences. more

Methods Seminars & Workshops

To provide profound insight into state-of-the-art techniques and methods, experts from our service facilities as well as scientists from the MPI share their knowledge by holding seminars and workshops. Depending on the topic, seminars include both theory and hands-on training during the course.
The IMPRS retreat is one of the scientific highlights of the year where all IMPRS students meet international experts and present their research project, either by a talk or a poster. Every year, outstanding international experts are invited to attend the retreat. Besides key note lectures given by the experts, their input to scientific discussions during the retreat is a particular feature of our retreat. more

Thesis Advisory Committee

An important part of the mentoring program of each student is the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). The main goals of the TAC are to mentor and advise students, to monitor the progress of the research project, and to assist students in all aspects of career planning and networking. The committee meets the student at least once a year or upon request to discuss the doctoral project.
Besides the scientific education, IMPRS-MOB aims to train the doctoral students in professional skills including presentation, scientific writing, time management and others. German language courses and a training on handling laboratory animals are also part of our program. more

Conferences & Lab Meetings

We support every student with a travel grant to attend international and national conferences or scientific workshops.
During their entire doctoral work, students participate in the meetings and journal clubs of their individual groups where they present regularly.
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