Publications of Fatemeh Mirzapour-Shafiyi

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Journal Article
Mirzapour-Shafiyi, F.; Kametani, Y.; Hikita, T.; Hasegawa, Y.; Nakayama, M.: Numerical evaluation reveals the effect of branching morphology on vessel transport properties during angiogenesis. PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 17 (6), e1008398 (2021)
Journal Article
Li, M.; Nishio, S.-y.; Naruse, C.; Riddell, M.; Sapski, S.; Katsuno, T.; Hikita, T.; Mizapourshafiyi, F.; Smith, F. M.; Cooper, L. T. et al.; Lee, M. G.; Asano, M.; Boettger, T.; Krueger, M.; Wietelmann, A.; Graumann, J.; Day, B. W.; Boyd, A. W.; Offermanns, S.; Kitajiri, S.-i.; Usami, S.-i.; Nakayama, M.: Digenic inheritance of mutations in EPHA2 and SLC26A4 in Pendred syndrome. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 11 (1), 1343 (2020)
Journal Article
Hikita, T.; Mirzapourshafiyi, F.; Barbacena, P.; Riddell, M.; Pasha, A.; Li, M.; Kawamura, T.; Brandes, R. P.; Hirose, T.; Ohno, S. et al.; Gerhardt, H.; Matsuda, M.; Franco, C. A.; Nakayama, M.: PAR-3 controls endothelial planar polarity and vascular inflammation under laminar flow. EMBO REPORTS 19 (9), e45253 (2018)
Journal Article
Riddell, M.; Nakayama, A.; Hikita, T.; Mirzapourshafiyi, F.; Kawamura, T.; Pasha, A.; Li, M.; Masuzawa, M.; Looso, M.; Steinbacher, T. et al.; Ebnet, K.; Potente, M.; Hirose, T.; Ohno, S.; Fleming, I.; Gattenloehner, S.; Aung, P. P.; Thuy, P.; Yamasaki, O.; Yanagi, T.; Umemura, H.; Nakayama, M.: aPKC controls endothelial growth by modulating c-Myc via FoxO1 DNA-binding ability. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 9, 5357 (2018)
Journal Article
Brinkmann, B. F.; Steinbacher, T.; Hartmann, C.; Kummer, D.; Pajonczyk, D.; Mirzapourshafiyi, F.; Nakayama, M.; Weide, T.; Gerke, V.; Ebnet, K.: VE-cadherin interacts with cell polarity protein Pals1 to regulate vascular lumen formation. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 27 (18), pp. 2811 - 2821 (2016)
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