Publications of Yanpu Chen

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Journal Article
Chen, Y.; Luttmann, F. F.; Schoger, E.; Schoeler, H. R.; Zelarayan, L. C.; Kim, K.-P.; Haigh, J. J.; Kim, J.; Braun, T.: Reversible reprogramming of cardiomyocytes to a fetal state drives heart regeneration in mice. SI 373 (6562), pp. 1537 - 1540 (2021)
Journal Article
Tan, D. S.; Chen, Y.; Gao, Y.; Bednarz, A.; Wei, Y.; Malik, V.; Ho, D. H.-H.; Weng, M.; Ho, S. Y.; Srivastava, Y. et al.; Velychko, S.; Yang, X.; Fan, L.; Kim, J.; Graumann, J.; Stormo, G. D.; Braun, T.; Yan, J.; Schoeler, H. R.; Jauch, R.: Directed Evolution of an Enhanced POU Reprogramming Factor for Cell Fate Engineering. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 38 (7), pp. 2854 - 2868 (2021)
Journal Article
Hou, L.; Wei, Y.; Lin, Y.; Wang, X.; Lai, Y.; Yin, M.; Chen, Y.; Guo, X.; Wu, S.; Zhu, Y. et al.; Yuan, J.; Tariq, M.; Li, N.; Sun, H.; Wang, H.; Zhang, X.; Chen, J.; Bao, X.; Jauch, R.: Concurrent binding to DNA and RNA facilitates the pluripotency reprogramming activity of Sox2. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 48 (7), pp. 3869 - 3887 (2020)
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