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Journal Article
Preussner, J.; Zhong, J.; Sreenivasan, K.; Guenther, S.; Engleitner, T.; Kuenne, C.; Glatzel, M.; Rad, R.; Looso, M.; Braun, T. et al.; Kim, J.: Oncogenic Amplification of Zygotic Dux Factors in Regenerating p53-Deficient Muscle Stem Cells Defines a Molecular Cancer Subtype. CELL STEM CELL 23 (6), pp. 794 - + (2018)
Journal Article
Sarode, P.; Zheng, X.; Weigert, A.; Tretyn, A.; Guenther, S.; Pullamsetti, S. S.; Grimminger, F.; Seeger, W.; Savai, R.: Reprogramming of Tumor Associated Macrophages by Modulating Wnt beta-Catenin Signalling in Lung Cancer. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 197 (2018)
Journal Article
Stone, O. A.; El-Brolosy, M.; Wilhelm, K.; Liu, X.; Romao, A. M.; Grillo, E.; Lai, J. K. H.; Guenther, S.; Jeratsch, S.; Kuenne, C. et al.; Lee, I.-C.; Braun, T.; Santoro, M. M.; Locasale, J. W.; Potente, M.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: Loss of pyruvate kinase M2 limits growth and triggers innate immune signaling in endothelial cells. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 9, 4077 (2018)
Journal Article
Wuest, S.; Droese, S.; Heidler, J.; Wittig, I.; Klockner, I.; Franko, A.; Bonke, E.; Guenther, S.; Gaertner, U.; Boettger, T. et al.; Braun, T.: Metabolic Maturation during Muscle Stem Cell Differentiation Is Achieved by miR-1/133a-Mediated Inhibition of the DlK1-Dio3 Mega Gene Cluster. CELL METABOLISM 27 (5), pp. 1026 - + (2018)
Journal Article
Yin, W.; Kim, H.-T.; Wang, S.; Gunawan, F.; Wang, L.; Kishimoto, K.; Zhong, H.; Roman, D.; Preussner, J.; Guenther, S. et al.; Graef, V.; Buettner, C.; Grohmann, B.; Looso, M.; Morimoto, M.; Mardon, G.; Offermanns, S.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: The potassium channel KCNJ13 is essential for smooth muscle cytoskeletal organization during mouse tracheal tubulogenesis. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 9, 2815 (2018)
Journal Article
Kaur, H.; Carvalho, J.; Looso, M.; Singh, P.; Chennupati, R.; Preussner, J.; Guenther, S.; Albarran-Juarez, J.; Tischner, D.; Classen, S. et al.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Single-cell profiling reveals heterogeneity and functional patterning of GPCR expression in the vascular system. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8, 15700 (2017)
Journal Article
Lai, S.-L.; Marin-Juez, R.; Moura, P. L.; Kuenne, C.; Lai, J. K. H.; Tsedeke, A. T.; Guenther, S.; Looso, M.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: Reciprocal analyses in zebrafish and medaka reveal that harnessing the mmune response promotes cardiac regeneration. ELIFE 6, e25605 (2017)
Journal Article
Tischner, D.; Grimm, M.; Kaur, H.; Staudenraus, D.; Carvalho, J.; Looso, M.; Guenther, S.; Wanke, F.; Moos, S.; Siller, N. et al.; Breuer, J.; Schwab, N.; Zipp, F.; Waisman, A.; Kurschus, F. C.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Single-cell profiling reveals GPCR heterogeneity and functional patterning during neuroinflammation. JCI INSIGHT 2 (15), UNSP e95063 (2017)
Journal Article
Zheng, X.; Sarode, P.; Weigert, A.; Guenther, S.; Chelladurai, P.; Pullamsetti, S. S.; Seeger, W.; Savai, R.: Re-Education Of Tumor-Associated Macrophages By Modulating Histone Deacetylases In Lung Cancer. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 195 (2017)
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